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Team Points scored Winnings Influence spent Influence bought
the unspoken
Name Summary New skill New Injury
William Pinkerton Silver ammunition, Light Pistol, Knife
Robet J. Pinkerton Shotgun, Brass knuckles
Robert Pinkerton Light Pistol, Shotgun, Brass knuckles
Allen Pinkerton Telescopic sight, Hunting rifle
George Telescopic sight, Hunting rifle, Knife, Knife
Name Summary New skill New Injury
The Membership 3 Shotgun
Sir Thomas Hall Full armour, Night Goggles, Brass knuckles, Knife, Steam-Powered Exo-Skeleton, Man-Portable Gatling Gun
Mr Victor Rusby Full armour, Telescopic sight, Night Goggles, Repeating Rifle, Knife
The Membership 1 Telescopic sight, Hunting rifle, Sword
The Membership 2 Telescopic sight, Repeating Rifle, Knife