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Team Points scored Winnings Influence spent Influence bought
Dummy Faction
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Name Summary New skill New Injury
Name Summary New skill New Injury
Thomas Gunn Half armour, Volley Gun, Throwing Weapon, Axe or Bludgeon
Lord Percival Knife, Steam-Powered Exo-Skeleton, Man-Portable Gatling Gun
John Rushkin Shotgun, Axe or Bludgeon, Knife
Lord Harold Carfax Sharpshooter, Telescopic sight, Night Goggles, Repeating Rifle, Knife, Grappling hook
John Browne Half armour, Shotgun, Throwing Weapon, Knife
Lord Carstairs Heavy pistol, Axe or Bludgeon
Gentlemen & Jackanapes Retainer Retain?
Jack the Ripper Retainer: 14