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Team Points scored Winnings Influence spent Influence bought
The Conservative Club
Name Summary New skill New Injury
Peter Stumpp +Bravado, Inhuman Resilience, Luna Sight, Claws & Teeth
Hans the Werewolf Inhuman Resilience, Luna Sight, Regeneration, Claws & Teeth
fin Luna Sight, Claws & Teeth
sherpa Luna Sight, Claws & Teeth
Jack Torrence Crossbow
Joseph Merrick Throwing Weapon, Knife, Knife
Ian the Forgotten Claws of the Wolfen
Name Summary New skill New Injury
Lord Magret Thatcher Marksman, Heavy pistol, Axe or Bludgeon
Norman Tebbit Net Gun, Heavy pistol, Knife
McMillan Heavy pistol, Sword
William Pitt Heavy pistol, Knife
Beaver Brook Shotgun, Axe or Bludgeon, Knife
Pitt the Younger Volley Gun, Axe or Bludgeon, Knife