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Team Points scored Winnings Influence spent Influence bought
The Pall Mall Patrons
Bad Dogs
Name Summary New skill New Injury
Harrison Fortesque-Smyth Heavy pistol, Sword
William Thompson Telescopic sight, Hunting rifle, Knife
Reginald Carstairs Telescopic sight, Repeating Rifle, Knife
Cedric Carruthers Heavy pistol, Knife
Teddy 'Tex' Montana Heavy pistol, Knife
Archibald Davenport Heavy pistol, Sword
Name Summary New skill New Injury
Vuk Pocket periscope, Claws of the Wolfen, Charm
Lech Pocket periscope, Throwing Weapon, Crossbow, Knife
Lasota Bow, Knife
Yasen Crossbow, Knife
Pack Master Inhuman Resilience, Luna Sight, Claws & Teeth
Beastlord Inhuman Resilience, Luna Sight, Regeneration, Claws & Teeth
Poppy Luna Sight, Claws & Teeth