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Team Points scored Winnings Influence spent Influence bought
Her Majesty's Peelers
The Athenaeum
Name Summary New skill New Injury
Lieutenant Gordon Divine Right, Steam Gyrocopter, Heavy pistol, Axe or Bludgeon
Lucien AKA "the librarian" Axe or Bludgeon, Bull's-eye lantern, Dr J Claudio's Spirit Cannon
Inspector Lestrade Heavy pistol, Axe or Bludgeon, Bull's-eye lantern
Constable Rupert 'the insane' Axe or Bludgeon, Axe or Bludgeon
Constable Thomas Light Pistol, Axe or Bludgeon
Constable Charles 'the crippled' Light Pistol
Name Summary New skill New Injury
Viscount Horatio "The Spanner" Giuseppe Rossi's Perambulator Boots, Axe or Bludgeon, Steam-Powered Exo-Skeleton, Man-Portable Gatling Gun
Mikey the Mennonite Monster Light Pistol, Axe or Bludgeon, Knife
The Huntsman Hunting rifle, Bull's-eye lantern
Lord Percival the Pneumonic Heavy pistol, Repeating Rifle, Knife
Niall The Leprechaun Light Pistol, Knife
Stagnus, brother of Erazmus Heavy pistol
Cecil Longstocking Sharpshooter, Heavy pistol, Knife, Man-Portable Gatling Gun