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Team Points scored Winnings Influence spent Influence bought
Count D'Monay 2
Anachrion Club
Name Summary New skill New Injury
Count D' Monay +Arcane, Bat Form, Bloodlust, +Bravado, Dawn Chaser, Drain, Ether Form, Killing Gaze, Luna Sight, The Eternal, Half armour, Sword, Sword
Igor +Strength, Hunting rifle, Knife, Sword
Alexi Knife, Polearm or Halberd
Elena +Arcane, +Attack, +Combat, Drain, It's All In The Reflexes, Luna Sight, Mesmerise, Summon Vermin, The Eternal, Half armour, Sword, Sword
Vladamir Hunting rifle, Knife, Sword
Boris +Marksmanship, Hunting rifle, Sword
Ivan Shotgun, Knife, Knife
Gentlemen & Jackanapes Retainer Retain?
Mr Chop Retainer: 14
Name Summary New skill New Injury
Mchael St Germain +Bravado, +Fortitude, +Fortitude, Heroic Leap, +Marksmanship, Sixth Sense, +Strength, +Strength, Giuseppe Rossi's Perambulator Boots, Heavy pistol, Axe or Bludgeon, Man-Portable Gatling Gun
Luke Carpenter +Marksmanship, +Marksmanship, Heavy pistol, Repeating Rifle, Axe or Bludgeon
Mary De Le Vere +Attack, +Combat, +Marksmanship, Heavy pistol, Axe or Bludgeon
Miles Overby Acrobat, +Arcane, +Attack, +Combat, +Fortitude, +Marksmanship, +Marksmanship, +Wound, Heavy pistol, Repeating Rifle, Sword
Kenneth Rogers +Arcane, Heavy pistol, Shotgun, Knife
Preston Merriweather +Combat, Heavy pistol, Knife, Sword
Alf Baxter +Bravado, Heavy pistol, Repeating Rifle, Knife